Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ever the student...

Yesterday I came face to face with something I'd been ignoring.

I'm interested in learning how to use the bo-staff, and I was asked the question "So you want to learn how to use weapons" and I stuttered on the answer, like my brain could no longer direct my lips... and it wasn't indecision, I want to learn it. But up until that point I had only thought of it from a defensive point of view.

It brought me back to the truth. Objects in themselves are neither good nor bad, it is all in how they are used. How we choose to use them. In any case, you need to understand how to use all aspects of something to allow you to choose how to use it and use it properly.

I want to learn how to use weapons, the manner in which I choose to use them will in turn show what kind of person I am. That scares me a little.