Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ain't that the truth...

The following may contain adult language, if you are easily offended go read someone else's website.

This is an excerpt from a few emails that have bounced back and forth through the ether between me and K w/a K... and maybe shows a little more ADD than I like to admit to ;o)

Me: Hey we need to do some crest action, I can't come to the area all leaders meeting tonight, and do you have a scale?

K w/a K: Yes I have a scale..oohhh lets weigh ourselves when you come over tomorrow….

Me: ooh ooh ooh yeah I need to work out my BMI, damn those perogies I just had for dinner ;o)

K w/a K: Ok seriously, those are going straight to your ass!

Me: uh yeah, I especially should not have watched while they were preparing them... not that you could have missed the burbling screams from the perogies on the bottom drowning in hot. melted. butter. Not that that's necessarily a bad way to go if you're a perogie...

No seriously though my friend I lived with in a bachelor pad said it best once:
apply directly to my ass with a spatula

I know when I turn 30 there is a special place for me... or two. So here's to the new year and *doing* stuff!