Friday, January 22, 2010

Bruises in your sleep anyone?

As the day has progressed, and it's been a very nice Friday I must say... I've noticed that I have a couple unidentified bruises just in the indent at the back of my jawline.

No they're not the result of a UDI "unidentified drunken incident"...

But I feel almost as though I got my ass kicked in my sleep last night, and real or imagined, have the bruises to show for it. There's also some tenderness at the base of my skull on the left. Now I know I can be a *very* active sleeper, but this is a little ridiculous. I mean really, and the realm of the power of your mind causing what you believe to be real to evoke a very real bodily response (such as bruising) scares the hell outta me!

I've had some incredibly real dreams in the past, full colour... if I was any good as an artist I could draw it! I just hope this doesn't become a regular thing or it will start to look like I'm boxing at night for extra cash.