Sunday, February 05, 2012

LA the city of lights - The Beginning

I hardly know where to begin the tale of my pilgrimmage to Xenacon 2012. I think partly because doing so means I'm writing the conclusion... and the conclusion means you've come to the end.

I don't want it to be over. But here they are, my collection of thoughts

Flying into LA at night was amazing, the city spilled out over the hills in all directions flowing densely through the valleys. In some places the lights were crystal clear, and in others they were twinkling as if you were looking at them through salt water mixed with fresh. The smog was so dense, it turned the plane window into a portal to another time and place.  
The highways, byways and freeways pulsed to the distinct rhythm of the city, two continuously flowing streams of red and white blood cells.

As a testament to how busy LA is, I finally witnessed Einstein's explanation of perspective in relation to moving bodies. Nearing the airport we passed another plane traveling in the opposite direction, and although we were traveling around 500 mph at the time it felt like we were barely moving, and it looked like the other plane was doing mach 10... it was soooo fast!

Absolutely incredible! I'm totally the kid who left nose and finger prints on the window...