Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So simple... so why does it take so long?

One of the things we don't usually learn, is how to accept a hand from someone... even when we need it. We get most of the way there, then pull back with a "No really, I'm okay... but thanks" and a smile.

Even when we're not.

Oftentimes only our best friends hear the intimate details of how things are really going, and sometimes only because they ask twice. You know, that deceivingly simple question, asked with a subtle change in tone and that look that says "I know you better than that, so don't bullshit me... but I'm letting you start".

Well sometimes I don't know someone well enough to ask that second time, but I wish I could make things a little bit easier for them... Sometimes I just want to give them a reason to smile... and every once in awhile it's for purely selfish reasons like not wanting to eat lunch by myself.

No matter the case, I've been trying to find ways of giving or helping people out in such a way that they don't feel like they owe me something.

Why am I telling you all this? Well because the other day I experienced the coolest thing! With a gracious smile the simple phrase "I will accept your charity and I thank you for it"... You grasped a hand held out in friendship, and shared a piece of your character with me that I shall never forget.

I may never tell you, that you've taught me something I may never be able to repay you for. I came here with knowledge but I will leave with understanding.

Thank you so much