Monday, April 09, 2012


Pardon the early morning rant, but I was driving last night and too tired to do this when I got home... Rant part one.

I am aware that Timmy's does not have the best gourmet coffee by *any* stretch of the imagination... I appreciate that it is average Jo ;) and that I can get a double double made exactly the same anywhere in Canada for a decent price.

So don't complain to me about how it tastes. Buy something different.

It. Is. Your. Choice!

Rant part two.

Following the reason for rant part one, we drive through McD's for their "gourmet americano" oooOooohhh *rolls eyes* ordered two double doubles, got to the window and the kid handed us cream and sugar packets.

This. Is. A. Drive through. Seriously? If I wanted a build my own coffee adventure I would have come in! The last thing I want to do in my car is take the lid off of the 500° coffee and add stuff to it!!

This is why I drink Tim Hortons. And they're nice at the window!

Sent... While running around ;)