Monday, April 30, 2012


Somebody (yes that would be me) thought it would be a good idea (had my arm twisted) to play ball last night!

So I get on base... and took slightly more of a jump on the hit than I should have... because second base caught it, and I had to make an effort to get back to my bag. Which I accomplished with a large jump step/land in a slide position. Unfortunately I landed directly on the pin holding down first... and literally blew a moccasin..

My cleat proceeded to eat up the infield at an alarming hungry-hungry-hippo rate... *nom nom nom* and I had to shake it out every time I left the infield, just so we still had something to play on!

Short of players (hence the arm twisting) an inning later I was finally able to run to my car and fix it!

Man I love duct tape! ;)

It's a good thing too because I immediately got a home run and had to run all the way around the bases... which were further apart than they needed to be! I also got a solid double that *should* have been a home run, except it rolled under the fence... *whispers* don't tell anyone, but I was okay with not running the bases again ;)

*shhhh* I wouldn't normally tell anyone about the ball that I missed... except that I totally made up for it with my double footed jumping backflip roll catch! (which promptly made everyone forget about the one I missed  ;)

It was pretty cool if I do say so myself *buffs fingernails* ;)

My body doth subtly protest the antics of the previous evening... the white noise of stiffness. Not enough to take the good drugs, but just enough to remind me that winter is over... and it's time to go play outside!