Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Minus minus... does not make a plus

Apologies for the extended hiatus.

Lately I have felt like poo-schmoo scraped off the bottom of your shoe... its been like trying to get up from a bottomless abyss *every* morning. An abyss filled with sunshine and flannel monsters...  Oh sure, it hasn't been the end of the world or anything... I'm not at the "I'm going live in a shack with a million cats at the top of precipice and die alone" stage... but still.

It hasn't even been for lack of inspiration, I have more than a few things I need to write about... pictures to share, I've just had negative motivation. 

Yesterday I sacrificed one of Mom's chocolate bars to the insatiable pms monster. They're actually quite delicious! Sorry Mom, it was an emergency... I knew you would understand ;)

And really, it was your chocolate bar... or someone's head on a stake.