Friday, August 21, 2009

Battle of Epic Proportions

Must. Have. More. Coffee... Mmmmmmm coffeeeeeeee *blink* *blink* Sorry my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, this is my first legible sentence. Give it a few minutes...

OK here we go now...

Had a quick hotdog-dinner-of-champions followed by wicked-awesome inner tube fights! Its a lot harder than it looks! Especially when one of the scurvy bilge rats blind sides you Nyaaarrrr!

Headed out to Crystal Bay where my cousin is vacationing with her boyfriend's family and we caught up a bit, reminisced about funny family stories (I must remember to apologize to her boyfriend), and joked about crazy profs and midterms and all the horrible things that mark the day to day experiences of University. I miss it, without all the stress, and midterms, and papers, assignments and final exams and stuff.

As we were visiting, we saw a few flashes they started out similar to that of the flash on a camera... shortly however the hills were perfectly silhouetted from behind as if there were multiple explosions lighting up the sky.

We watched in awe as a huge battle raged silently across the night sky, seemingly between a legion of stars and the temperamental lightning. It was the most incredible storm I have seen in a long time. The amount of raw energy was phenomenal.

There were all different types of lightning, incredibly solid forks, to one that came half way down to earth and then changed its' mind and forked back up to another cloud, burning a U shaped bolt into my temporary memory.

There was sheet lightning and then there were sporadic bursts of sheet lightning as if each cloud was in charge of its own sheet. They would each light up in a quick succession of bursts that weren't quite synchronized giving the illusion of synapses firing in a giant over-sized brain. The huge temperature and humidity changes that accompanied the storm as it passed by were crazy!

The strangest thing of all though, was that we could see stars throughout the entire performance. It was beautiful sitting there, eating popcorn and enjoying the free show. I believe in quality time and quantity time... you don't have to be talking to visit, but all in all last night was pretty cool.