Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Wiki Obsession

For about the last year everyone and I mean EVERYONE at work has been obsessed with Wikis. Especially those who have no idea what a Wiki even is. Needless to say this has been a little frustrating... as every time we identify a problem, or something that could maybe be done in a better way someone says "Well what about a Wiki?"

All I want to respond to that is "Well? What about a Wiki?" It's like your car brakes aren't working properly and instead of just fixing the brakes you say "Well what about a spaceship?" Hmmmm. Yes, you could use a spaceship... OR you could just fix the damn brakes.

On the car note I got a new windshield the other day. Which is very exciting in my little world because two months after I got my new car, which is just over a year old... I got a ding in my windshield. That ding turned into an organically growing crack over the winter. Recently though it started to crack in the upward direction riiight in front of the driver. Awesome. Not. But the new windshield is much better, and I swear I will jump out and beat to death anyone who cuts me off and dings my windsheild. Especially if it's only a couple months old.

Come to think of it though, maybe I should have gotten a space ship.