Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are the Champions!

This last weekend we competed for the second time in the Paddle Against Cancer, which is put on by the local JC chapter (Junior Chamber International). Last year we competed for the first time with a team composed of people from work. During the practise we were told that we might win a race or two but not to get our hopes up too high because it's hard work racing...

Needless to say we blew everyone out of the water (almost literally), including a major upset of unseating a team that had held the cup for the last 8 years standing! So of course this year we had to put in a team to defend our title. The theme for the weekend was "Las Vegas" so we entered out team "Double or Nothing".

The races this year were awesome, the first team we raced was the team we had dethroned the year before and they were out for revenge, it was a close race and definitely got the adrenalin pumping but we managed to beat them again. *phew*

I'm sad that this is the last year that the JC's will be hosting this event, I really hope that another group is able to pick it up and continue the fun times and support for cancer research.