Monday, August 31, 2009

Dirty girl

I'm sore, and stiff all over... it's a good sore though, that one that reminds you that you did something and that yes you are still alive, and no you didn't accidentally slip into a coma during that last office meeting.

My entire set of core muscles are sore no doubt in my mind caused by my bat swing. It even hurts to sneeze. But after a couple big hits this weekend and full-on head-first dive into third base, making me quite literally "the dirtiest girl on or off the field".

I found that point where I remember why I love playing ball... and I'm not sure how I ever forgot it, or let it get lost in the drama.

Ball is all about winning and losing as a team. It's about trying your best but knowing that someone is also there to back you up, or pick you up and finish what you didn't. In return you do the same thing, that's just how it works. Its also about sharing the awesomeness of a good play even when you didn't touch the ball. Its about sticking together for a little bit afterwards to celebrate your successes, highlights and TSN turning points or uuber analyze things so you can do it better next time. Its about working together to do something you can't do alone.