Thursday, August 20, 2009

Under a blanket of stars

Last night I called my parents on my way home from paddle practise, we're gearing up for the paddle against cancer this weekend... and since I don't always have the best cell reception up at the trailer I pulled over on a nice mowed shoulder.

As I was sitting there, I looked up and Wow! "It was a beautiful night" doesn't quite capture the awe I felt sitting there looking up. It was as if all the stars had arrived for a grand ball. Rather than feeling incredibly small and insignificant, I felt like I was an honoured guest observing the proceedings from an intergalactic balcony.

I started out leaning against the hood which on "the Fit" is rather short, so you're kind of up against the wipers which just sucks... so I climbed up on the roof. Yes Dad I know I'm not supposed to sit on the roof or the hood, so I lay down and tried to spread my weight around and not dint things in with that "kachunk" popping noise.

While I was lying there, three different people stopped and made sure I was okay. I had no idea there was that much traffic on this road! From their perspective I'm sure it looked more than a little weird. I'm almost longer than the roof on my car, and lying there talking on my cell phone... well who does that, I mean really?!? ;o)