Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to my crazy ball game last night...

So I got a decent hit out between right field and right center... go burning round first, and on my way to second I'm getting the "Go third, no wait! Stay at two, go three..." obviously a little confusion Wink So keeping an eye on the ball I round two, they overthrow but either the short stop or the third baseman came up with it, as I'm stopping (there isn't enough time to get to three)

I caught my right toe, and managed the most ungraceful bail/faceplant evar! Now I'm a little concerned because now they're definitely gonna throw it back to two... I look and second is too far away to do the crawling scramble and touch the bag, I haul myself up and launch myself head first in the general direction of the bag, somehow the ball didn't get there before me, in fact the second baseman doesn't have the ball... looking around I realize that the ball is out in right field!

Scrambling up again, I start haulin' the mail to third... I can see my base coach giving the slide signal, third is getting ready for the throw, and the pitcher from the other team is right beside me yellin' "SLIDE!" I go for the Superman slide, wind up on third base, safe. and rest my chin on the bag.

They're only little but I managed to scrape my right knee, left and right elbows and I have a little bit of road rash on my belly of all places lol, that and I had to strip down outside last night as I had so much dirt in my sliding shorts! But seriously sooo much fun!