Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weeeeeee are the chaaaaaaampions!

That's right We. Are. THE. Champions!

So this last weekend, that we just had, was playoffs for my co-ed ball team. It was epic! My team beat a lower level team on Friday, without me as I was breaking in the newly restored from fire cowboy bar Outlaws, very important business.

In any case, we had to play the Irish a formidable team we had been neck and neck with all season. In case you are wondering they are also damn good drinkers, and bring their own motor home to games just to keep the beer cold. I kid you not!

Well collectively, as a team... we shat the bed and lost to the Irish. Thus sealing our fate to take the long way back to the playoff round. This also got Randy two decent belly slaps, he'd bet one the night before over a bottle of tequila but earned the second one when he flinched. We played and won 3 more games on Sat. including a 5 inning hum-dinger against a team (the Outlaws) that had been drunk when we played the Irish at noon... (coincidence? I think not) whose pitcher managed to get tossed from the game for um harassing the umpire. This being his first game back from a three game suspension. They were already playing with an auto-out and the ump wouldn't allow a second substitution. They were a little upset. Understandably.

The last game we played on Sat was ridiculous, we won by 3 runs... everyone was so played out that we were playing at 1/4 ass, which proved to be just enough. We managed to keep the boys from our team from kicking the assholedness out of a new player who "didn't know any better" than to attempt a shoulder drop or a lifted elbow rather than a slide when attempting to get to a base. It was a little tense as he only tried it on the girls. The consensus was learn how to slide, or go play 'F' ball whatever that is... I'm guessing mens ball where you can do dirty shit like that, but chances are you'll get it back too. Besides we all have day jobs, this isn't pro ball. We all dragged our ibuprofen, sore feet and shoulders home for much eating and sleeping.

This ball marathon on Sat. put us in the dubious playoff position vs. the Irish where we had to beat them twice. Yes that's right, the team we were neck and neck with... as in we win one they win one... we had to beat twice in a row. There was some drinking, and some praying to the baseball gods.

I'll cut to the chase, two tight games, of phenomenal ball were played. Good times were had by all, there were no major injuries, and we were all still friends afterwards... but somehow we beat the Irish. Twice. Yep I'm still pointing that out, I don't think you realize how HUGE that is! Twicceeee. Listen to the sound that makes, just at the 'ice' part... ohhhh yeah!

Waiting for the league to order in our guaranteed to fit winnings... guaranteed to fit and someone only ordered/sent large and extra large?!?! I'd just like to point out that ummm 95% of the women who play ball are in fairly decent shape by todays standards, and in any case still aren't a mens large or extra large. Sheesh.