Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Granny's are beautiful

I'd just like to start this post with "I have the coolest Granny ever." Full stop. My Granny is 96 years old this year, and we managed to make it up for my middle brothers convocation and a visit the weekend after her birthday.

Yeah she's getting old, and as far as she's concerned nothing works the way it used to, but she's still all there. She's reached the point where she's a little more puffy, especially when she gets excited to see you. She can't quite hear as well as she used to... definitely noticeable when one hearing aid is broken. And she's hit that timeless age, where she looks like Granny. But she still has a twinkle in her blue eyes, that goes with the knowledge that not everything you tell her is exactly how it is *s*.

She concluded our visit with at least a hug and a couple kisses from everyone, as she can never have too many so she "saves them for later" *melting stone heart*. But she caught me for an extra hug on the way out (twist my rubber arm) and said "You'll always be my little west coast girl".

Don't worry Granny, I always will ;)