Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Not as hard as we made it look...

In the immortal words of nerds everywhere...
 "Because we can!!!"
Houston, do we have enough connections between us to cause complete and utter chaos yet?!?!

On December 28th, Dad had the handy-talky and the HF Rig which he was using to talk to Gerry, and was pulling up echolink on his computer... meanwhile I was trying to get ahold of him using the Nanaimo IRLP node, while simultaneously listening to him talking to Gerry on my cell phone and Googling echolink to see what the heck he was muttering about.

Three different repeaters later and I heard the Nanaimo voice id confirming the connection! It was soooo cool!!!! *happy dance*

IRLP is the Internet Radio Linking Project, basically Dad and I can both be using our HF handy talkies which aren't long range, and we can talk to each other through two repeaters and the internet! How cool is that?!?!