Thursday, January 19, 2012

The things I do, and certainly don't regret

More and more I've been thinking its more important to do something, than it is to find someone to do it with you.  This has been a really tough one for me. I grew up camping and hiking and doing all kinds of things but always with someone.

I'm finding there aren't very many people who do things quite the way we do, and by we I mean our family.  We ski first tracks to last call, as long as it isn't raining in the hill parking lot. We hike and don't really take a break unless there is a "Walter approved" rest area, ie: a spot with a scenic view. But still, we're not crazy obsessive about any one activity.

So the trouble is finding people to *do* stuff with, I had a theory that maybe if I just started doing things I'd meet people who were out there doing them too... but it doesn't seem to be holding up in practice, mostly because I like doing a little bit of everything.

So while I venture forth into unexplored terrain alone, I would like to toast a cheers to the Snow Goddess, skiing last Sunday was absolutely amazing!

The collective excitement on the hill could not be contained, and hoots and hollers could be heard escaping throughout the day.

There was a constant supply of fresh powder falling, with the sun trying desperately to break through creating the most beautiful silver pixie dust sparkle effect. Which under normal circumstances would have been incredibly distracting, except that every other run down I managed to find a little pocket of powder that at times came up to mid-thigh... 

I'm not sure what I did to deserve this, but between the temperature and grinning so much I thought my face was going to freeze like that, and give my Mother one more reason to say I told you so.

Besides the four warmup runs on the backside, I skied my little legs off on Attridge all day. By the last run I had chalked up a respectable 21 runs... plus or minus a couple.

A good day skiing, is when you drag yourself back to the truck completely and thoroughly worn out... and half way home you feel like you're driving with your ski boots on *smiles*