Friday, February 01, 2013

Adventure cups ho!

What do you get when you mix four women, Adventure Cups and a bladder infuction?

Who's ready for an adventure?
 Well lets just say My Kim had to pee about fifteen minutes out of Sicamous - the half way to Revelstoke point... I knew it was bad when five minutes later she'd stopped talking, and then as we passed Mara lake she said "Nope, really, you're gonna have to pull over... I gotta go!"

I slowed down as we neared the pull off, it was dark and I was having trouble seeing where the exit for the rest stop was. Technically you aren't supposed to enter from this direction, but I wasn't about to argue with a bladder infuction.

Annnnd there was no exit, apparently it hadn't been plowed... still, if they haven't plowed out the rest stop, they might have plowed a pull out? I'm pretty sure by this point My Kim couldn't actually see anything because her eyeballs were floating...

So we get to where the entrance should be, and there's a snowbank... "Oh perfect" I think to myself, they must have plowed a pull-out! I make the turn, ahead of oncoming traffic (two cars - which are still a safe distance off) and about half way across the road I realize that we are driving directly into a foot of unplowed snow... I gun the gas, just to make sure we actually make it *off* the road... and *kkkghghghghghg* we come to a full and complete stop perfectly perpendicular to the highway.

Well that was interesting! I look over to My Kim, into an empty seat and an open door... as she bounded like a gazelled through the headlights and three foot drifts to pee. I dive out and check that "safety first" our back end is clear of the highway (which it is *buffs nails*) ... Meanwhile all I can hear is her giggling interspersed with oooh's! of exclamation...

In the time it takes her to freeze her coochie, I've grabbed the shovel out of the trunk and shoveled up one side of the Fit, dug out the front and around the tires, and back down the other side...

Just as we're about to get organized a really nice sledder pulls over to offer his assistance to four damsels in distress. He was quite crestfallen to find that not only did we have a shovel, but that we had already used it... and the only thing that cheered him up, was when we thanked him for pulling over and told him he could tell everyone he saved the day anyways ;)

Then, just as we're returning to the car, another truck is pulling over... and it had a policeman in it! I didn't even know cops worked out here near the lake!?! I mean seriously, in all our time driving back and forth to Revelstoke My Kim and I have *never* seen a cop in this stretch of road... What are the chances? *shakes head*

He rolls down his window...

Officer Hotty McHotterson: "Do you ladies need some help?"

... You know what they say about a man in uniform, it's totally true ;) I think he was a little surprised though, when we assured him that we had it all under control and didn't need any help but...

My Kim: "Could you turn your lights on so people slow down?"

Officer Hotty McHotterson:  "Oh, uh, sure" *flick*

 Officer Hotty McHotterson: *regaining composure* "So how did you get over here?"

me: "We drove"

Moment of Personal Reflection: Thiiiiis might have something to do with why they don't let me talk to customers... it occurred to me after, that he probably thought we'd spun out or something... Meh! *shrugs*

We all jumped back into the Fit to see if we needed a push... a quick tire spin, and My Kim and Chelsea dove out and lined up on the front hood like seasoned pros.

In the time it took Officer Hotty McHotterson to get out of his truck while trying to decide if he needed to take his jacket off, we'd unstuck the Fit, and managed not to swing the front end around and run him over :p *phew* that would have been a little awkward to explain...

And with that the girls piled back in, and with a wave and a chorus of thank-yous we carried on our merry way and declared it the BEST START TO KIM'S BIRTHDAY EVAAAAAR!!!