Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Roadtrip - July 17th - Leg III - Part D

At some point on this day of much driving, we saw another billboard and got it in our heads that we should have BBQ or some kind of grilled dinner... (obviously didn't learn our lesson the first time) Because it manifested into a full blown womanly craving,

"I will have grilled BBQ or HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!" *peaches and cream voice* "Have I made myself clear? Good."

Cue the clown music. After driving around literally following Doug-Doug in circles, and stopping to ask two different sets of random town-folk directions we *finally* found this BBQ Grill place... only to have the bartender tell us that the kitchen was shut down and that he couldn't even serve us a beer :(

In an attempt at humor he said if we'd gotten there 10 minutes earlier, he might have been able to serve us a beer. Having driven in circles for 20 minutes this only served to further stoke the fire of Burning Stoves & Stuff.

He redeemed himself in our books though, by pointing us in the direction of Famous Dave's. Of course we promptly got stuck behind a train, and then experienced a textbook definition of hangry.

hangry: han·gry (adjective) \ˈhaŋ-grē\

1. When you are so hungry you're angry
2. Angry and hungry enough to chew the arm of the next person who talks to you.

"Sorry,  I didn't mean to yell at you.. I think I'm hangry"
 Beer; a good start to curing someone who is hangry, especially if it's promptly followed by an enormous platter of delicious foods.

Mmmmm beer....
Not gonna lie, I was so hungry right here that I was thinking "I know this needs to be documented but pleasepleaseplease take the picture so I can eaaaaat!"

Mmmm foods
Happy Moose with a full belly
End of day three and we've driven from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to Billings Montana

Daily dose of driving: 934km (~580mi)
Trip total thusfar 2434km (~1512mi)