Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Commodore - Day 4

Left hotel in Oamaru by 10 a.m. and drove down coast to Moeraki to see the boulders.  They are huge perfectly round rocks created by layers of material covering a central nucleus similar to the way a pearl is formed.  Walked in the ocean on the sand and found a few neat shells and rocks to bring home as souvenirs.  Their clam shells are weird in that they have a straight edge instead of a rounded one.  Think of a triangle with the top lopped off where the hinge is and the bottom of the triangle rounded where the clam opens up.  Stopped further down the highway at a rest stop for lunch and got a little wet when the waves came up to the log I was sitting on.

Got to Dunedin about 3 and dad went off for information on finding a computer store as he left the computer charger on the boat.  Since my camera and Kobo only charge from the computer I needed the charger more than he did.  Wandered around the centre of town  and looked at woolen clothing made from merino wool and possum fur.  Quite lovely but I didn’t have any money with me so just looked.  Found the information centre on things to see in Dunedin and found an all night convenience store.  After I tracked your dad down in the bar (parking in Dunedin is a complete nightmare!) we went for groceries and then I cooked rice, pork chops and carrots for dinner.  Ate a late supper and visited with a couple of ladies from Victoria of all places, Sue and Trisha.  Bed late even though we were both very tired.  My right hip was bugging me after the beach walks but once I settled I slept like a log and didn’t have to get up once during the night.  Very nice to sleep through the night!