Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From the Commodore - Day 5

Up early as city parking becomes pay parking at 9 am.  Showered, breakfasted, made lunches, packed cameras and headed out to the Botanic Gardens.  Safely arrived at the top of the hill, parked and wandered through the Native flora down to the Rhododendron grove and arrived at the aviary just as the sun hit the cages and woke the birds up.  Lots of fun.  

Walked down through the Eucalyptus trees through the South African flora (lots of boring bushes) to the Meditaranean garden and out onto a plaza overlooking the city of Dunedin which is very green.  Hoofed back up to the car and drove to the railway station where there’s all day parking for $5.  Parked and visited the Settler’s museum.  Went to car at 1:30 to eat lunch, then to railway station for 2:30 train tour up Taiere Gorge.  Wandered through the art shop upstairs then boarded our train at 2:30 for a 4 hour round trip up to the gold mines of Barwood and back.  Treated ourselves to dinner at The Terrace which has a gluten free menu.

Daniel you would like New Zealand as everyone knows what gluten free means and most stores carry gluten free foods.  Also many restaurants have that option for buns and stuff.  Dad had the blue cod special and I had the grilled chicken stuffed with Brie and wrapped in bacon with roast potatoes and vegetables.  Back to the hostel (yes we stayed in a hostel with loads of wild young people who wondered what’s happened that their hostel has been invaded by moldy old people!) and met a lady from Victoria and had a nice visit.