Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Roadtrip - July 17th - Leg III - Part B

...and three miles beyond the last Random Stop a tiny little cafe in the tiny little town of St. Regis began advertising it's world famous Huckleberry Milkshakes. Soooo we followed the signs all the way to this tiny little cafe...
Us: What would you recommend on the menu?

Waitress girl: Well we have this one guy that came all the way from Texas cause he likes our buffalo burger so much...

Us: Yeah? That sounds good, could we try one of those?

Waitress  girl: Oh, no wait... we're all out.

Us: Ahhhhg! You got us all excited about this legendary buffalo burger and you don't have any? Well, I guess we'll just have a huckleberry milkshake then... :p

Waitress girl: Yeah I don't know why people come from all over for our Huckleberry milkshake...

Us: Dude! Are you kiddin' me?!? You guys have been advertising for like 30 miles, that's all we could think about by the time we finally got here!

One Huckleberry Milkshake...
Then we found this really cool antique store: Cold Creek Antiques and St. Regis Antique Gallery, and spent entirely too much time goofing around in there ;) It was just so awesome, everything was well laid out and relatively organized and there was just so many things to look at, I just couldn't leave!!!

Ball and chain
I thought this table looked super cool, it sure would have been a pain in the butt to make it though... it looks similar to the last steps of building a cedar strip canoe, when you have to fit the pieces into a space.

A table made out of an old wagon wheel.
Faith: He's not that big, I could take 'im!

me: *ahem* Uh Faith, that's just a little black one... Grizzly bears poop bigger than you!  *Heh* So, do you know the difference between black bear droppings and grizzly bear droppings?

Faith: No.

me: Grizzly bear droppings have little bells in them, and smell like pepper spray ;)

Alright... put 'em up!
 Hey! I've used one of these before!! Okay, it might not have been this old, but it looked a *lot* like this ;)

Surveying the merchandise
 *giggles* and these kinda speak for themselves...

Barbie's cool Auntie modelling the original "Camel Toe"
Not sure I want to read this... Yes, I'm judging a book by its title
Regrets: The things you didn't do and wish you had. Like finding somewhere to buy the honeymead wine we saw in the information center's booth display (where we stopped to GMP). But instead we bought Moose Drool beer... I wasn't a fan, we decided that Moose Drool was a good name for it... *blech*