Thursday, February 21, 2013

From the Commodore - Day 7

I got breakfast in the room as I didn’t need cooking facilities; bread, orange juice and cereal.  Dad had some bread and peanut butter but it wasn’t enough.  Left by 10 am after dad made a reservation at the Surat Bay Lodge for tonight.

Drove out of Gore and wandered the back roads til we got back to the coast at Fortrose.  Found a small cafĂ© there and dad had coffee and carrot cake while I had a super delicious gluten free dark chocolate cake with whipped cream.

Soooooooooooo good!

Saw a possum pelt there.  Possums in NZ are extremely furry.  Like a small raccoon without the stripes.

Drove up to Waipapa Point where there was a famous shipwreck, all lives lost, and so they built a lighthouse there.  Down to the beach to look at the fur seals snoozing and fighting.  Pretty wild flowers in the grasses along the beach walk.

Next stop, Slope Point, the furthest point south in NZ where we hiked out to look at the point, some neat kelp flowing in a little inlet beneath the point.  From there drove to Curio Bay and saw a petrified forest on the beach and got a closer look at a yellow eyed penguin hanging out on the beach.  From there we headed up to our lodging at Surat Bay. Stopped at the Florence Cove lookout which has a spectacular view of the south.

The Coast road is extremely windy and slow going.  Got into the hostel about 5:30 only to find three loud young men trying to make dinner.  No room to get in and cook our supper.  We’d picked up a couple of lamb steaks at a tiny convenience store on the way.  Not much in the way of stores in the smaller centers.
Once the youngsters took off to the beach I fried up the lamb steaks which were very delicious.  Nothing like what we get in BC.

After dinner David and I walked up the beach from the hotel.  Got badly chewed up by little flies on the beach which left serious welts the next morning.  Saw sign posts pointing to other shipwrecks along the coast.  Lots of reefs that are unmarked even today so still a dangerous coastline.  Sunny, warm evening although it got quite chilly at night.  The hostel room had an extra comforter and a blanket on the spare bed which dad piled on me so I was toasty warm except when I had to get up at night.

Slept very well but had more weird dreams.  Dreamt I was dancing with Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), no idea what that was about.  Fun, though.