Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arnold, Yoda, The Barbecutioner, Stickers, Wet Willies and "So Pretty" OH MY!

I attended my first Cuboree last weekend.

OMG so much fun. As much as Scouting and Guiding like to think that they are different... they're not. I would have to say that I knew 9 out of 10 of the games and songs played, and it was just as much fun doing them with scouts as with guides.

The short version I've been telling people is that I got to beat up little kids all weekend, the long version... well that's what you're going to get ;o) I don't think I stopped laughing all weekend, it was definitely good for the soul.

From somewhere between "Daddy say good night as Arnold, not as Daddy"...
followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice: "Go to sleep"

Our leader envisioning doing endo's in the outhouse with the floor that was bowing in... and producing a "Super coiler"... Giggling with your nose plugged... Proximity ADD... and Proximity Tourettes...

Almost peeing your pants during the panicked look for toilet paper and getting squeezed, and having moments of the weekend that make you giggle on command brought up in rapid succession...

I believe in JC ...and I'm part of his harem.

To teaching a few someones how to skip rocks... and hearing that "Yeah! I got three in a row!"

I have to say we also had the coolest trophy made out of recyclable materials though, hearing the kids whisper as we brought it up... "wow look at that one!" was pretty damn cool too.

The magic campfire was wicked also, and the execution of it was magic just to watch... especially in between being distracted by bats skitting across the surface of the lake.

Would I do it again despite the one kid who should've been dropped down the outhouse and then had a four coiler dropped on his head? Totally. Am I going to become a leader? Probably ;o) I think that has something to do with my lack of commitment, I want to be one of those people who when I say I'm going to do something I'm for sure going to do it... somehow though not committing to anything allows me to pack more stuff into one day.

Random note: On my way home to take a weekend culminating shat, shower and power nap before my ball game I went ripping up the hill to my house. I think I scared the Veteran driver in front of me, who consequently pulled off the road into the driveway I was about to go up. As much as I appreciated the gesture of not puttering along in front of me on a road that is much to narrow to pass safely on, I still shook my fists and swore.