Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When I grow up I want to be

That little bit of goofyness in an otherwise serious meeting.

That person that owns a well trained dog that goes everywhere with them.

The one who always comes up with an idea that gives a glimmer of hope, when everyone around me has all but given up.

The hand that catches yours when you fall, or helps you up one more time than you thought you could get up by yourself.

Someone who isn't afraid to stand up for things that are important to them.

A role model, teacher and mother to the kids in my life, whether they are my own or someone elses when that is what they need.

That person who is muddy and covered in ash and dirt all over in the middle of a disaster, and all you can see is the white of their teeth because they are still smiling at a small act of kindness in the middle of it all.

Someone who makes people smile.

The person who shows off just a little bit, because they know that what they are doing is kind of a bigger deal than they usually make it out to be, and because what they do is important.

Constantly learning new things, no matter how random and unrelated they may seem.