Friday, May 15, 2009

BYOB hillbilly style

The other day I was flipping through the classified, checking to see if there was anything cool that I could cram into my life. I noticed an ad that read: BYOB $45. Now being a small-town girl who went to the big city of Edmonton I was understandably confused. Is this something that I'm paying you for or are you going to pay me? Am I supposed to show up at a party so it looks like you have lots of friends?!?

In my world BYOB means "Bring your own Beer". I was informed that it actually meant "Bring your own Bed". WTF?!?! Why would I want to bring my own bed? Isn't that what friends' couches are for? After all that though, I find myself bringing my own bed *and* booze up to the cabin for the long weekend... and on my little Honda Fit, well it does look like the hillbilly version of "Bring your own Bed".

This bed just isn't coming back home with me, poor bed... I'm sure it will be much happier at the cabin than it would be in the garage though. I'm sure it will get more action than the rest of us do this summer ;o)