Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to cram 5 days into 2

First hang out with Chelsey.

So I just had the best weekend evar! Got to see a couple of friends on their way through town with their new daughter who is about a month shy of 1 and just started walking this weekend. So cool! Had a great visit over Chinese takeout with them so she could motor around after being stuck in her car seat. They also got some really cute pictures of her playing with the dandylion puffballs outside!

Picked up Chelsey at 7:10 in the am from Kelowna airport. Even though I was early so was the flight. I looked up from texting her back, to her coming down the gangplank. After that we headed down to Summerland, ate scones with *lots* fruit in them, actually I should rephrase that to" We ate fruit with some scone cooked in between it.

We then did a huge walk with her mom including stalking the house with the really cool train setup in the front yard... drove into Penticton went shopping for bathing suits. Which as usual invovled trying on a little bit of everything. I hate bathing suit shopping, but we finally found ones we liked. We finally decided that we could probably buy two of the same and then trade bottoms. Maybe next year.

After that grabbed Starbucks, hit up a Pharmacy for some reading material (aka butt builder and mountain biking) and sunscreen. And then headed over to the beach for what seemed like the entire afternoon. We dipped our toes in long enough to cool down. Literally just our toes, the water was beyond fricken' freezing Mr. Bigglesworth!

On the way home picked up a couple snack type foods and some Gatorade to rehydrate me from our fun filled day in the sun. Before dinner I installed a wireless router and configured it while Chelsey helped out her mom. While dinner was cooking we popped over to the movie store and picked up Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Got home in time for dinner on the back porch. Mmmmm it was so yummy! It was some form of curried tofu, rice and broccoli and cauliflour.

After dinner we did the dishes/kitchen cleanup while her mom did some evening things in the back yard. Back to the wireless internet where we looked up places to take her moms old computer for recycling... then onto the movie, popcorn and bed.

I remember thinking and then asking out loud "Did I really pick you up just this morning? ARE YOU SURE?!?" I think we are stuck in a time warp and this day is never going to end, and I'm TOTALLY okay with that!

But that day did end, so it was up the next morning, and while the scones were cooking we trucked over to the coffee shop. Then we walked all the way around Summerland again, but out the other way through orchard fields. We ran into a friend of her moms with a beautiful Golden Lab (part 'triever part lab) and chatted for a bit. We also grabbed a couple things to transplant into her moms garden and climbed a twirly tree along the way.

After that walk Chelsey and I headed into town, stopped at the recycling store and then headed over to Freedom cycle in town. They have the funniest shirt, it is a picture of a stick man riding a bike with the quote "Put the fun between your legs" We waited about a half hour trying things on etc. and then rented bikes for a half day and biked up the Kettle Valley Railroad trail.

It is an old railway bed that has been turned into a recreational trail. It was a slight incline that felt like an uphill slog by the time we turned around. All in all it felt like we biked at least 14km total... it was probably more like 10km, but the view along the trail was beautiful! You are basically looking out over the lake across to Summerland. Stopping for a lunch of fresh strawberries was the bestest!

At about 2:20 we turned around and booked 'er back into town, returned our bikes jumped into the car and drove down to Okanagan Falls to get ice cream from Tickleberries. Mmmm soooo good after a big ride, I had chocolate chip mint and root beer float. My friend had black licorice... and I can't remember. The licorice made it look like she had really hot lip liner on though, oh baby! We then washed that down with a hotdog and some kettle corn which is also sooooooo good :o)

Headed back up to her mom's, dropped her off and I carried on to Vernon for a Cub meeting... dirty and sweaty and tired, but completely rejuvenated.

It sure seems like sometimes the things you do in your day off make it feel like you took more than just a day off, and by the time you're done you feel like you've had the week off that you needed. Good friends are good for the soul. You don't always know what you need but somehow they do.