Monday, May 11, 2009

Aww Shrek my mouth was open an' everything!

I attended a Cuboree this weekend with my Uncle and his son, which involved chasing around 8 to 12 year olds as well the occasional wrestling match. So we were hanging out on the couch at my Uncles place watching a movie, when he asked his oldest son if he'd brushed his teeth all weekend. Now at the ripe age of 14 his brains have fallen out of his head and of course he hadn't brushed his teeth, and chances are fairly good that he hadn't changed his panties either. *puke in my mouth*

Needless to say we were all exhausted. We'd just decided to go for ice cream for Mothers' day when my Uncle stands up and lets the hugest fart go ripping right into his son's face. Ha! I bet your mouth really does taste like poo now! This was followed by a good ten minutes of tired giggles all round, and just when that began to let up his son says "I can breath through my nose again!"... we figured it had probably burnt all his nose hair off, this was followed by more giggling... at which point he pipes up again "My mouth is really dry" I'm pretty sure that yesterday afternoon would pass as a hard core ab workout.

"You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing." Fart jokes just never do get old *giggles*