Thursday, March 03, 2011

A collection of thoughts...

Shhhhh I'm working on the crinkles in the corner of my eyes...*smiles*

When I'm old and wear purple I hope the stories my wrinkles tell, are ones filled with laughter and so many smiles it makes your stomach hurt. Not absent tears and worry, adding a delicate balance and perspective to the beautiful things in this world.

I want it to be an unspoken record that I was involved, rather than just watching things happen. In seeing, I want to be able look beyond the obvious, beyond the brash actions of anger to the source and understand where the hurt comes from.

It takes great courage to approach your differences, understanding is required on both sides to see the sacrifices and know the true value of concessions in a compromise.

I want to be a mirror, one that reflects all the good in the people around me. Then, when someone tells me I'm a beautiful person, I can tell them in all honesty not to look to me, but to themselves.

It isn't events that shape human history, it is the people who pulled together and helped one another that defines who we are and how far we've come.

Helping one another in times of need is what makes us humankind, these are our greatest accomplishments.

If you could stop, and see yourself through the eyes that love you, I hope you'd find someone you wanted to be friends with too.