Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Keeper

Everyone has a keeper in their life, someone who keeps their secrets... or knows things before they've officially happened. New jobs, new boyfriends, a baby on the way, hopes and dreams... fears.

Things that change your life.

Sometimes its hard being a keeper, because when everyone else is let in on the secret you still have to pretend you didn't already know. It's special though, when only you and someone else know something...

"I promise not to tell anyone in the entire world." I have uttered this phrase and meant every word of it more than once in my life. If I keep my word, you and I are the only ones who will know...  It's such an honour that you trust me to keep your secrets.

I will gladly give up being known as your best friend, for being the person you can turn to when you need someone to talk to. I will share in your joys, and your deepest darkest secrets, and help you through troubled times even if all I can do is listen... Above all else, I will keep it to myself...

I'm not perfect but neither are you, but I'm a friend you keep... a keeper of memories, a keeper of secrets, a keeper of friendship. I'm the person you can call at 3am, even if you never need to. Someone you can tell anything to, because I already know more about your life than anyone really should, in fact I could blackmail you with it. I wont though, you know enough about mine to do the same.

This to will pass, and the changes themselves will change again, but friendship remains. Even if we don't talk for years I will keep you and your memories tucked away safely until the next time they're needed.