Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sam's tech support, how may I help you?

So I get this text message around 10:50 this morning...

"Activate security software? Do I hav dat ?"

Which was shortly followed by a phone call... From my half of the conversation which was along the lines of

"No, don't click that... Go to your start menu... yep... no... okay see Malwarebytes... yeah Malwarebytes... run that... yep just click it... there should be an update tab... what?!?... no second or third tab over, it should say 'Update'... yeah... no no, close that it shouldn't be a pop up window... go back to the first window you opened... *sigh*open it again... the error message says you can't run exe files? Ooooh that's bad. Yeah, turn it off I'll come take a look at it over lunch..."

My IT guy at work quickly figured out what I was troublshooting and provided the following helpful and insightful information on getting rid of viruses;

Just tell him to:
  1. Unplug the network cable
  2. Turn the computer off
  3. Take it out into the driveway, and drive over it with his truck
  4. Drive down to Futureshop and buy a new computer
  5. Plug it in
  6. Turn it on
There. Fixed!