Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mild mannered Sam by day...

This evening was interesting... hectic... crazy even!

It started out normal enough, I was house-sitting, chilling with the dogs, and chatting with my Mom about Dad leaving to start his adventure again when my roommate's Mom called...

It was along the lines of "Nate's having trouble with his truck, I can't do anything from here, I'm bringing his alternator down tomorrow evening but he needs to get to school for the next two days can you help him?" I assured her that I would call her son and figure something out, and not to worry.

Talking to him, his evening could have been turned into a lesson on how to trash talk your truck 101, complete with an addendum of responses from the truck. I didn't follow the mechanics of all the troubles he had... but it's along the lines of the alternator was going... he knew it was, but had his fingers crossed it would last two more days. The big indicator was stalling at a light on the way home and not being able to start it, then jump starting it in reverse cause it's a standard, leaving it running without the fan on and blowing the starter out the side of the engine block *squints* I think that about covers it.

Oh right and he wasn't so concerned about getting the alternator down here... as he was that he didn't know which tools he would need. He was sounding a little stressed, I told him I was going to make some calls, and that in the mean time he should take a deep breath ;)

Three phone calls, a friend who's a mechanic and some musical cars later I had it sorted... I would go to taekwondo to get a couple extra classes in before my belt test next week, drop my car off with him at the apartment and borrow my friend's. If she needed it tomorrow I would drop it off at her place and walk to work, if not well even better I can still get my Timmy's in the morning!

Driving home in the PT Cruiser though gave me a chance to reflect on the events of the evening... and I realized that the ability to rally your resources and just "make something work, one way or another" comes from my best friend's family.

With them, it doesn't matter who it is, if you need help they're the ones you want on your side... They have a way of pulling together, organizing and making it work. It's absolutely incredible to witness... once someone has figured out what needs to happen, there's no huge debate, it just gets done... one step at a time, with as many people called in as necessary.

It's a pretty good feeling when you can help someone else out, especially when they've tied a knot and they're hanging from the end of their rope. At the end of the day, we've all been there... when your panties are so twisted they've cut off circulation to your brain, and really... lets be honest, one of these days I'm going to need a friend when I don't know it.

So here's to paying karma forward a little, or maybe just catching up on some of the karma I must have used on our boat shenanagins ;)