Sunday, March 20, 2011


Despite the lingering snow on the ground Kim has broken out the flip-flops, granted there's only about a 4 month period where she *doesn't* wear them.

I guess that, and I've had the bike out for the first couple snow-free rides, and gotten my beginning of season pinch flat. I always forget that my tires need to be more inflated for the start of season side-walk ride... and that I have not yet mastered the hop to get both tires up onto the sidewalk.

The attempt usually starts out well, I get the front tire up onto the curb... results after that vary from slamming my back tire into said curb all the way to, um, falling off my bike somehow. Believe me, if I had any idea what was going awry after the front tire I would have remedied it by now. It's on my list of things to conquer.

So it's officially spring, as far as I'm concerned!