Saturday, August 11, 2012

*Announcer voice* The day before... The Roadtrip

I didn't tell anyone before we left that Faith didn't know how to drive standard... Not that it was a big secret or anything, but I didn't want everyone to think that I'm actually as crazy as I know I am. But the thing is, she already knows how to drive and she can play drums, what more do you need?!?
She was justifiably a little nervous about it as we got closer and closer to the trip, and I reassured her with utmost confidence that everything would be just fine... *whispers* never for a second letting on that if I stopped and thought about it for more than a few seconds, it made me a little nervous too. 
So after a couple loops around the disappointingly small gated-off ice arena parking lot, we took the back road out to the highway. Since driving a standard on the highway is *exactly* the same as driving an automatic... except that she's stubborn and wouldn't believe me until we did it ;)
Back in town we did a crash course on the most frustrating part of driving stick... That moment when the light turns green and there's someone behind you... That zen moment when everything has to come together in perfect harmony or you will stall. 
Needless to say I am not a Zen Master and was unable to pass on all that I have learned... So we hung out first in line for the light for two, maybe three sets of green, and I watched everyone just drive around...
Shortly after Faith confessed to being thoroughly frustrated with the car, herself and me - not necessarily in that order ;) 
"I'm really glad I didn't learn in LA people would've been yelling at me and honkin' and throwing stuff!"
Who can drive stick shift now?!? *this girl* that's right ;)