Monday, August 20, 2012

The Roadtrip - July 16th 2012 - Leg II

Had a wonderful leisurely sleep-in, in an amazingly comfortable bed. I understand now why you don't want your guest bed to be too comfortable... they'll never leave!!!

Keeping with the theme of "something we can only eat here" Mel brought us doughnuts for breakfast, *shrugs* What? we're on vacation!! ;) But these were from a special place called Voodoo doughnuts. We were as excited as little kids... opening up a pink box doughnuts for breakfast ;)

Okay but seriously, you are never going to believe what was in this box... Alright, I know you've probably already looked at the picture below, but you don't know what it is do you? On the left, looking lovely in well done Lady Gaga formal wear is the maple dip WITH BACON ON IT!!! *ahem* sorry for yelling, but I'm that excited about it, and really it's that awesome! On the right is a Voodoo doll, complete with gooey raspberry jam filling and a pretzel stick through the heart... be nice, he's having a rough day already ;)

We also found out that McMenamins has multiple locations and each one has a different theme and location inspired awesomeness - *whispers* like one is built on the grounds of an old asylum! *shibbers* Obviously did not have enough of a visit soooo we need to go back for another visit, but nonetheless we bid our farewells, and set off with a number of suggestions for the trip ahead.

Recommended stop #1 Multnomah Falls! Perfect little pull-off in the middle of the divided highway, it was sooo nice and cool that we totally should have stopped the night before on the way in... but the things you find out after the fact :p

There were two sets of falls, with a little bridge you could hike up to... and packed upon it like sardines the chance to feel the cooling mist upon thine skin.

But, behold the uninterrupted view of the falls from that bridge...

(Oooops I missed a bit, insert that bit here)

Random roadtrip stop number 2... I have no idea where this was, but there we were driving and suddenly we saw a wall of wood... it was some kind of tree farm, but man did it look cool with those trees all neatly planted in rows!

Washington countryside (evergreen state? really?!?!) *hehe* Alright, but we did see this one tree out in the middle of nowhere, and thinking out loud I was wondering how it got there when Faith responded "A bird ate it and pooped it out." All I could picture was an enormous pterodactyl chomping down a full grown tree, and then pooping it out whole *giggles* as we drive towards a thunder and lightning storm, or I should say as Faith drives towards a thunder and lightning storm...

 ... and I assure her that we wont catch up with it, because it's like Alberta where you can see your dog run away for five days... See look how beautiful it is!

So of course, naturally we catch up with it...

Well there we are cruising along, with Faith doing awesome at driving stick while I was attempting to catch some of the wicked fork lightning we were seeing... when all of a sudden there's a huge *CRACK!!* Of course my calm response as I sat bolt upright was "WTF was that!?!?!"

In my defense we *both* thought we'd been hit by lightning or something on the road, it was so loud.

Relatively quickly Faith cleverly did damage assessment, and using our shadow realized the clam was wide open!? pulled over and put the hazards on without stalling!!!

The wind had ripped the back latch off completely and bent both locks on the opening side of the clam!!!!

In one fluid motion I unclipped my seatbelt, turned to unload pausing for only the splittest of seconds to point out "Ooooh look a double rainbow!" before I was outside wrestling the lid of the clam down, while in the same motion Faith was unloading the trunk and digging out a chunk of rope.

In our second motion I got everything tied down and secured, while she documented it all (including the rainbow of course)

Now I would just like to point out that all of this was happening in gale-force winds, ones that were even stronger than when you *used* to be able to run around the front of the ferry and fill your cheeks up with air. Just check out those trees in the background...

We were going to dig out the big camera and stop and take more pictures, but all of a sudden there was a really huge crack of thunder and lightning practically on top of us!!! In the same motion we were back in the car! "Start the car, start the car we gotta go!!"

That evening saw us late late into Couer d'Alene... minus minus :/ with a quick chinese fire-drill at a very quiet red light on the way into town. Most of the hotels were booked up and we should have phoned ahead as apparently there's a huge waterpark in town, but luckily it was early enough in the trip that Faith didn't disown me ;)

End of day two and we've driven from Hillsborough (just outside of Portland) Oregon to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho...

Daily dose of driving: 652km (~405mi)
Trip total thusfar 1500km (~932mi)