Friday, August 17, 2012


Every once in awhile my body mounts a riot to overthrow the dictator and say enough is enough, and enforce primeval law.

The law is simple, thou shalt exist as closely as possible in an optimal state of warm, dry, rested and fed - not necessarily in that order. This coup occurs whenever I hit some secret threshold, and curfew isn't lifted until the imbalance has been restored.

Yesterday morning I was alright, but by noon I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I had a nap at lunch and a Montster just to make it through... I felt like I was hung over and dehydrated, but the worst of it was I hadn't even had the fun of deserving it! I mean yeah I've been going, and my body is still recovering from my weekend wipeout up at Silverstar... but during the drive home to let the dogs out I felt awful, like when you're so tired you're nauseous and your eyes itch.

I *barely* made it to 8:30 before I had to hit horizontal or my body was going to do it for me regardless of the location...

So I find out this morning, through talking to the cleaning lady at work that she feels exactly the same way I did yesterday.  So maybe I'm not crazy, maybe I was just fighting off a massive internal assault and didn't even know it!

Yes, this is also a long winded explanation as to why I didn't post the next installment of The Roadtrip last night :p