Monday, August 13, 2012

Fish Tails

A couple days before the trip I had finished all the last minute running around and had reached the point of "hurry up and wait" ... wait to buy fruit because you can't take it over the border, wait to be on vacation, wait for Faith to get up here...

*twiddles thumbs*

Of course when waiting it helps to have a bit of a puttering around Swan Lake when Ed says "I think I got something" ... "no, maybe not" ... "yeah I got a big'un!"

I thought for sure he'd hooked onto a log, or a patch of swamp grass... so while we puttered in circles around his line I took pictures like this

...and then the tip of his line jiggled, and not just once. It was that very distinctive tug... tug... tug-tug that fishies do! Except that this fishy wasn't running, this fishy had swum straight down to the bottom and was camped out.

After wrestling with this guy for at least 45 minutes we had traded the pole back and forth a number of times, stretched, repositioned, finished a beer, and traded back again... and he had moved about 6 feet, with the grace of a bulldozer. It was 'round about this time we decided that it was a scuba diver messing with us because there isn't anything this big in Swan lake right? Right.

The trouble was we only had 5lb test on, so we couldn't just haul him up by his ear and see what kind of fish he was... Then being the extremely large, wise old fish that he *must* have been, he got bored of fishing with us and removed his new piercing on the weeds that I was so certain Ed had caught in the first place... and swam off without so much as a flip of the tail.

And that my friends, is how fish tales are born.

Shortly after some of the widdle pike took pity on us and let us catch them... just to take the sting off ;)

Patience is not one of my virtues, but after going fishin' with Ed I believe that you just need the right person to wait with... of course the scenery helps too ;)