Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pre Roadtrip todo list - July long

It was a big weekend, and not in the way it usually is July long!

This year, my middle-little brother Dan and his now ex-girlfriend Amanda snuck in a visit around a wedding they were attending in Kamloops... and while they were at the wedding, the Sasquatch and I tackled my huge to-do list for the Fit's upcoming Roadtrip out at "The Shop" where I get to wear overalls *grins*.

In the span of a few hours...

We took off the winter tires, replaced the front brake pads and put the summer tires on... Installed a cigarette lighter into the cup-holder in the back, which always has power, so I can charge my phone without turning the car on!

Much more functional than the awkward position for a cup holder

Installed a hood mounted antenna (+5 HAM radio nerd points)... and mounted the clam, which if you'll recall the alternate mounting hardware required a little extra coercion and coaxing :)

The Sasquatch, grinding the extra sticky-outy bits off the U-bolts
Oh, AND we installed the headache rack on his truck!

I declare that the Fit is of sound mind and body, and thoroughly ready for this roadtrip... Me? not quite so much yet ;)