Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The trouble with "Sam will "

... Is that I usually do *rueful look*

Warning: This post contains images of a graphic nature *hehe* but seriously if you don't like bruises, skip this post cause I've got a doozy of one, and it's all documented ;)

It all began with Mitts' having the most valid reason for downright *refusing* to ride black diamonds (she's a doctor in specializationing), even if she is a wayyyy better rider than I am... but with his new bike lighting his shorts on fire her husband wanted nothing more than to try them on for size.

"Sam will ride them with you" she assured him, knowing me entirely too well... The moment those words are uttered I might as well give in. Tales of the ride over dinner and I can already feel the wind on my face and the adrenalin in my veins. I'm committed, or at least I should have been *wicked grin*

I meet Adam up there, both of us quickly gearing up in the parking lot eager to get on the hill.  The first run down was brutal, my balance was weird and every jump I took was half a twitch away from a garage sale... I was thinking maybe this wasn't the best idea *tugs collar* buuuuuuuuut the first big ride of every season starts out like this for me... so I just gotta do it and get through it.

And the texting begins... we try to keep Mitts informed of everything she's missing out on *haha*. Riiiiight...

The second run down, was half a lifetime better as my scattered centered of gravity regrouped itself and solidified into my core. My rental bike and I got over our first date jitters and awkwardness and figured out how to hold hands... and I started to relax, and remember how awesome riding is.

Dude! I just about forgot the craziest part of the day!!

This one run down Rockstar we had just pulled out onto the fire access road for a break, when we saw a black bear about 35' down the road!!! So cool, but I didn't need any further convincing that it was time to go when he started ambling towards us.

The riding was epic, I took drops I wasn't planning to... and landed them! We tore it up, refueled with jellybellys and a fabulous cooler lunch, then started up all over again *grins*

Nearing the end of the day we decided on one last hard technical ride, and then we would take it easy...

Well I'm not quite sure *what* exactly happened, but one second I was navigating the rocks and roots relatively well and the next I was airborn executing a beautiful somersault, or at least it was beautiful until a tree stump rudely interrupted my thigh screaming "CHARLIE HORSE!!!" and then ran away laughing...

As I limped down the mountain, Mitts' husband had just started walking back up the trail to see if he needed to pick up my pieces... we took a moment to assess, and there was barely a scratch!

If you squint a little you can just see it thinking about bruising...

Are you kidding me?!?! *groans* it hurts soooo muuuuuuch!

"Lets go down to the car put an ice pack on it, give you some drugs and then re-asses" he says. Fabulous idea. So I coast down to the parking lot rolling over everything and not taking any jumps or drops of course *rolls eyes*

A tylenol-ibuprofen cocktail, an asprin rub and I'm sitting on the ground in the parking lot with an ice pack on it while Adam goes for a pee... comes back and says "So?"

me: I'm done dude *shakes head*, I can barely stand up and I can feel it stiffening up already :(

Even the drive home sucked, I was all "Noooooooooo don't make me shiiiiiift!" *shakes fist* Aaarrrrrg one of the few downsides to driving stick *scowls*

Saturday Evening - Still doesn't even look close to how bad as it feels... the muscle is definitely stiff and sore
Starting to show its true colours
Sunday Evening - Nearly said a bad word when a certain basset hound jumped up into my lap with one foot squarely in the middle of my owsa.

Stairs suck. 

I look pathetic trying to get up and down them.

Tues Morning - Things are feeling a little bit better... but they certainly don't look it *uhg*

Tues Evening - Yep, it still looks terrible...

Wed - Stairs aren't quite so bad, thank goodness...

...and you thought it looked bad yesterday
Thurs - I can finally walk up and down stairs, and I think whatever muscle was supporting everything finally relaxed or died... I can feel my quad jiggle a little when I'm walking...

That's a good thing right?!?

...please describe gangrene again? *tugs collar*

Fri - I think its... yep its lightening up, and its a little bit itchy, definitely getting better :)

Sat - A week later, and it still looks kinda gross... See! I told you it hurt even though it didn't look like it should :p

Nothing really that interesting happening with it, but just for the sake of bringing you completely up to date... here you go...

 Tuesday Evening - See just about all gone! It still feels kinda weird, I think it's retaining some fluids... and the underlying muscle still hates me. Now its time to start using it again, anybody up for some downhill this weekend?

I'm just kidding... :p