Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Roadtrip - July 15th 2012 - Part Oregon

They don't give you any warning that you're crossing into another state, so it sure made it hard getting "Welcome to..." pictures, like this - Oh by the way when you crossed the river, you're in Oregon now.

As we  entered into a land of concrete and overpasses we feverishly listened to our GPS Doug-Doug's directions... Shhhh! *holds breath* "In 500 meters take the exit 62A, on your right" we both mimicked 62-eh? *hehehe* then indignantly yelled Doug-Doug!? as we passed exit 62B... only to have Doug-Doug pipe up "In 150 meters take the exit 62A on your right"... and sure enough, there was exit 62A *shakes head*

Dude, since when does B come before A in the alphabet?!?.

Oh, by the way Roadtrip Note #2. When Doug-Doug says 150 meters, it basically means "By the time I finish giving you this instruction - you need to already be doing it"

Completely unrelated cool bridge in Oregon
 The aptly named Sunset Highway is *awesome* at sunset, pardon my sarcasm... Apparently it wasn't bad enough that the angle of the sun was below the visor and shining directly into your eyes, so they resurfaced the asphalt (which you pronounce ass-fault in America *rolls eyes*) with deceivingly black shiny stuff so the sunset reflected beautifully off the road as well.

I'm fairly confident that the only reason we made it to Faith's brother's place that night, was because of Doug-Doug and the 3D view that showed which way the road was turning... but we did get there :)

Accidentally artistic angular shot of The Dalles
 Michelle, Mel's wife assessed the situation and immediately took charge, and promptly took us out and fed us *heh* which I think was best in our travel induced dazes.  We will both "eat anything", but the only (and brilliant) request Faith had was that we go somewhere we couldn't go anywhere else in the States... something unique to Oregon.

Michelle and Mel took us to the coolest pub called... McMenamins! I have no idea where it was or how long it took to get there, but it was like walking into another world. The parking lot was small and dark, but the path up to the pub was like a green vine covered arbor tunnel lit up with beautiful white bulbs... like something from a fairy tale *smiles*

A picture of McMenamins would be much more appropriate here... but it was too dark, so instead you get countryside ;)
We didn't even look inside, instead grabbing a spot out by one of the fires at a huge rustic picnic table that would have been large enough to seat a shipload of Vikings! It was crazy how cozy, and intimate and incredibly comfortable... not the benches, but the atmosphere were... as it felt like being out somewhere camping, cozied up around a campfire.

The company along with the terminator a tall dark and handsome beer, and the summer copper ale were a perfect end to the long day. The food was amazing! the waitress having personally tried many of the dishes and highly recommended *all* of them, I can't remember what I settled on but it had mushrooms and an awesome name. Awesome when said in an *announcers voice* "The Communication Breakdown Burger... Tillamook® cheddar, grilled mushrooms, onion, & bell peppers"

End of day one and we've driven from Vernon BC Canada to Hillsborough (just outside of Portland) Oregon USA...

Daily dose of driving: 848kms (~527mi)