Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Roadtrip - July 15th 2012 - Part Washington

The Fits all packed up we're ready to go, and as we both joke that all you really need is a mastercard... we have a moment of uncertainty... One passport check stop on the side of the highway and we're off! again.
First random ADDDDDDD stops on the trip, were a flea market where we met the nicest lady who wished us well on our adventure... and we picked up our mascot Stitch! Oh and we also stopped at Tickleberries where we got the hugest bag of kettle-corn, it was sooooo good, but I felt like the cookie monster as I managed to eat it *all over* the front seats... I just have this feeling that I am going to find popcorn in the Fit forever now.

Something that would start a trend for the trip to follow, would be pictures of rocks and trees and trees and rocks... and bridges. *I* am a civil-engineer's daughter, I'm not sure what Faith's excuse is. ;)

For a *lot* of the first part of the drive through Washington we were on a highway winding itself between beautiful densely treed mountainside... Faith was driving and gazing in awe at the passing countryside saying things like "Oh wow that's so beautiful" to which I nonchalantly replied "This looks a lot like the Island" ... or "We have that on the Island too"...or "Yeap, the Island's kind of like this"

By about the fifth such exchange she yelled while shaking her fist in mock outrage "Stoppit!!! Let me enjoy America!!!"

This is the random shoe tree, which was kinda cool... until Faith says "Yeah, or it's the way some serial killer keeps count"... Thanks dude, get in the car. Aaaand we're leaving. Now.

Just as we reached a bit of a lull in the day Faith says to me...

F: Should we stop and get gas?
Me: Nah, we still have more than a quarter tank left... and we filled up at the border, we should be good for awhile still.

... as the gas light comes on ...

F: Dude! We're just about out... how you feeling?
Me: A little nervous... you?
F: *nods* A little nervous too...

Fingers crossed and collectively holding our breath we coasted into the 76 "It looks like a racecar!" gas station in Goldendale. 


Roadtrip Note #1. Henceforth, the quarter tank mark is practically empty.

"The Evergreen State" you say? Hmmmm maybe ever-green energy... cause I don't see *any* trees, let alone any evergreens :p