Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canning machines!

It's pretty cool, Mom and I have a standing tradition of canning peaches together. I peel, move things around, and fill the syrup and knife the jar... she slices, and does all the math and timing to figure out exactly how many peaches fit in how many jars, and how much syrup we need to make for the next batch. She tries to double check with me, even though she knows better than that because I can't follow someone elses arithmetic out loud... okay lets be honest I can barely follow my own ;)

Anyways, Mom and I have been canning peaches over the last week or so, and some nectarines because I can't read. Okay but seriously it was the same box as the one the peaches came in and they checked the boxes in yellow! No... I didn't use my Nona eyes.

Now I took an interface course once, and as useless as it was they did say "Don't use yellow text on a white background..." Well no really? I kind of thought that should fall under 'Common Sense' but they don't teach that any more... Put it this way, if you can hardly read something, chances are fairly good that nobody else can read it either.

But here's the thing with canning peaches... they gots to smell like peaches. Like when you walk through that section in the grocery store, it should smell like you're inside a peach.

And just in case you were wondering, yes those are orange cupboards in the background. There are no pictures of me peeling, because I peel peaches... like a ninja!

I'd like to introduce you to baby peach jar number 2... This was the cutest one! I figured I'd save you the time, besides I didn't think you'd want to meet all 41 of her brothers and sisters.