Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have angry ears on

It might have something to do with chocolate, but I was mad enough to bite my own ass today, so I did my best to refrain from saying anything that could be taken the wrong way. In fact I did my best to say as little as possible.

Today wasn't bad, don't get me wrong we got some more boat stuff done... I am just tired. Got together with an old friend of mine and saw Aaron Pritchett at the VIEX last night, he was awesome, but it turned into a late night, I hauled myself out of bed early thinking we were going to Victoria which we didn't... *shrugs* nothing really went as planned.

We did buy tupperware though. I'm adding it to the list right now so I can check it off... *check*

The fair was cool, we saw an Alpaca while we were wandering around the VIEX who also had his angry ears on. We stared each other down, and it made me smile that he looked about as ticked off with the world as I felt.

We looked at DSLR's, I'm eyeing up the Nikon D90 it seems to be a good entry into mucking around with the manual settings which is what I'd like to learn... and we sketched out where all the holes should go to mount the solar panels... but we left all the drill bits at home so it was a short stop at the boat today doing that and dropping off the canned spaghetti sauce.