Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am le tired

So we had our haul scheduled for this morning, Dad was like a Jack Russel wired into 220 Volts bouncing between excited and nervous. I was more like those 'energy saver' light bulbs... you know the ones that take 10 minutes to warm up before they start to flicker. Yeah.

So we tried to get out of the marina, got the throttle stuck in reverse, bounced off a pier, (Dad did this Tarzan swing from the radar arch, and pushed us off the pier and then cut the engine. It was really quite spectacular actually!) We... ended up four slips down again. But, and this is a big but... we only needed help from *two* people this time, and we got out faster and completely unassisted so that means we're getting better! Right? Right.

On our way out of the marina, after I'd taken a deep breath and mentally calculated that we should be okay for the remaining turns out... I heard a *rattle*... *rattle*... *sploosh*

Well I figure the anchor must noticed that there was a lull, and decided that it was an ideal moment to abandon ship... I must have kicked into overdrive because my first thought was "Are you effin' kidding me?!?" followed closely by "@$%&!!! If that anchor sticks we're gonna spin around and take out every boat in a 35 foot radius!"

I grabbed the fore-stay with my left hand and dove over the safety rail while also thinking that I didn't want to grab on to the anchor and rip my arm off... ran a handful of chain over my right hand, was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too heavy, grabbed it and proceeded to haul the damn anchor back onto the boat by its scruff, at which point we had 'words'.

All of this must have happened darn near simultaneously because there was only about 6 feet of chain that had been let out, and by the time Dad figured out that something was amiss, it had happened and it was already over.

So we made it to the haul out uneventfully despite our imaginings of what else might not go as planned, and got the boat hauled. Its pretty cool the way they do it! The guys at the boat yard managed just fine despite our unique bottom. But somebody forgot to bring the camera... so we'll have to take pictures putting it back in *sigh*

We have a unique bottom with three rudders, two bilge keels and a prop... which is now painted a unique shade of ugly, it was supposed to be purple, but wound up "Burgundy Barf". My programming muscles pressure washed, and then my reserve tree planting muscles and mental training took over, painted and continued to paint long after I thought I was done.

In electronic news, we got Mike the electronic guy from the Chandler's to look at our Depth Sounder - AIS - GPS - Radio - Antenna connections, and he figures we've got 3 out of 3 faulty units... on a huge plus plus they're manufacturer faulty. Dad didn't think it was so lucky, but I think it was, that we got him to go yep it's broken rather than me mucking around with it!

I don't think anything else of consequence happened today, nothing you'd be interested in anyways. We ordered more parts, measured more parts to be fabricated, I ninja sliced more foam, and put a few more things where they 'belong'... I'm not going to lie, I'm exhausted, I've got more unidentified bruises than I've ever had from UDI's, and I lost count of how many times I uttered curses and death threats under my breath that I had no intention of following through with. Some at Dad and some at the boat... but all in all it was a great day! Especially when we finished it off with a cold A&W root beer :)