Monday, August 16, 2010

Ze gas doth floweth

Famous words of our mechanic dude Toby "There's something basic wrong here...", 'somewhere' along ze way a gas shut-off valve got shut-off... *cough* *cough* as in ze gas she does not flow, as in ze engine should *not* work when ze gas doth not flow.

Once Toby monkeyed around with things, and turned said shut-off valve to the "on" position ze engine she started w00t w00t!

*happy dance* <--- zis needs it's own line, it's that HUGE!

Zis means, what wif all de other awesomeness ve ackomplished today dat ve're practickally back on track... I almost wrote zat all mushed togezer I'm so excited! Zis means ve can haul and bottom paint, and do somesink with ze mast... I tink pull it out and check everyting yah?

Ze boat, she is comink along nicely me tinks.