Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cedar Sachet

If you ever find yourself in Cedar, there is something you should know. The Cedar Stop signs are actually slow down signs. Here's how they work:

After a cursory mirror check for police vehicles...

i) If you are the only car, slow down and take the corner.
ii) If there is another car approaching at the same time check their blinker light... if your paths do not cross, you should both carry on at reduced speed.
iii) If there is another car approaching at the same time and your paths cross, the later person should allow the first person to proceed through the intersection, most times this can be accomplished without either party actually having to stop.
iv) If at any time there is any confusion all parties involved should stop, and wave each other through.
v) It is acceptable to follow the car in front of you through if you do not interfere with any vehicles which approached the intersection first (as in point iii)

If you've never witnessed this tiny shining example of good grace, well all I can tell you is its the most interesting dance in the world. Everyone seems to bow and curtsy their way through. It's all very polite and well mannered. It makes me smile every time I observe the standing phenomenon of the Cedar Sachet.