Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mr. President says FML

So a little background, my brother, The President (he's kind of a big deal Mom) - vote for Pedro he offers you his protection, borrowed a Park pass to go camping like two weeks from now... in the meantime the owner of said Park pass decided to go camping, tomorrow. She stopped by to pick it up only to find my brother tearing around his room like a tornado, which by the way isn't really big enough for that, and one of his frat brothers we'll call him Frat boy #3 walking around like a zombie flipping through the first few layers of the various piles of crap on all the crap worthy surfaces. Enter Frat by #2...

Frat boy #3: Hey the president lost a parking pass have you seen it anywhere

Frat boy #2: Nope

... little while later ...

Yeah we're looking for that Park pass...

Frat boy #2: Ohhh! Park Pass! I thought you were looking for a parking pass...

Frat boy #3: That's what I asked you earlier!

Frat boy #2: No, no you most definitely said 'parking pass'

Frat boy #3: *throws hands up in the air* park, parking same difference!

Frat boy #2: No they're totally different, one's for parking... and the other uh...

C: is for parking in a park?

... more head shaking, some expletives, and begging of forgiveness... luckily she is not a vengeful God...

Frat boy #2: HaHA! I found it!

*happy dancing* and *high fiving* all around!

Mr. President: Omg where did you find it?!?!?!

Frat boy #2: *glowing* In your food cupboard *smiles*

Mr. President: WTF?!?! How did you find it in there?

Frat boy #2: Well, I said to myself... self if I was the President... where would I put it? And there it was, next to the peanut butter.

The way I figure it, he probably had it in his hand, was hungry and put it down... in order to pick up the peanut butter.