Thursday, August 12, 2010

If the shoe fits... I turn into a princess?

My life right now is an off-key version of "Cinderelly, cinderelly, wash the dishes, scrub the galley!" which really wouldn't be so bad except that I've been working a desk job... translation: my everything is tired.

So cleaning this boat, well it's a little like painting a room with two doors, and two windows and an electrical box - it's all edges... well picture that, and add a helluv a lot more edges, and some bendy bits, and piping with pokey bits on it... that you have to clean in behind, only you don't know there are pokey bits on it until you find them the hard way. Seriously though, I've got more scrapes and bruises from this week, nothing major or picture worthy but still!

I think technically I'm about half done, but just so we're all clear A.D.D is way worse on a small boat, you can see all the distracting things AT THE SAME TIME.