Monday, August 30, 2010

You have got to be kidding me...

London Drugs just called, they *lost* the 5 prescriptions I brought in to fill...

Guy: "So do you have them written down anywhere?"
Me: "Uhh yeah, on the prescription paper you guys have"

I mean really, I can't pronounce any of them let alone remember what they were for!?!? That's why I gave them to you. Grrrrrr.

Guy: "If you could take it to your doctor..."
Me: "I'm from Vernon, I don't have a doctor here..."
Guy: "Apologizing profusely, well if you could come down with the list and then take it into a walk in clinic and get it approved by a doctor"

As unladylike as I know it is, but whoever told you I was a lady was lying... I just want to run down to London Drugs punch him in the junk and yell "You know why! You know what that's for!!!"

I also just remembered there's no friggin' ketchup for my grilled cheese sandwich. Booooo urns.